There are very few destinations in the world where travelers can see chimpanzees in the wild. Uganda is one of the counries where travelers can  trek into the wild and see our closest genetic ancestors (chimpanzees) in the wild. We offer several chimpanzee trekking safaris taking you to different locations to see these amazing primates that share 99% of our DNA. Meeting chimpanzees in their natural habitat is a rare and wonderful experience that will remain fresh in your memory for the rest of your life. Imagine silently walking through a tropical rainforest hosting a diverse flora and fauna as you trek through the jungle in search of these stunning primates. Upon meeting the gorillas, you have a full hour to watch them in the wild. You can go closer and follow a family of chimpanzees rolling, playing and grooming in the wild. If  you would like to spend more time with the chimps, you can request for a chimpanzee habituation experience upon inquiring about any of these tours. Below are some of the best chimpanzee trekking safaris in Uganda;