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5 Days Gorilla Safari in Uganda & Rwanda

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Rwenzori Mountains

6 Days Mount Rwenzori Trekking

Hike the Rwenzoris – the fabled Mountains of the Moon that lie in western Uganda along the Uganda-Congo border, a world-class hiking and mountaineering destination. The Rwenzoris are among the highest peaks in Africa that offer the best hiking experience.

7 Days Mount Elgon Trekking

This spectacular journey of discovery and adventure takes you into eastern Uganda for a mountain hiking experience along the Mount Elgon. For those who seek a true wilderness experience, this adventure provides a close-up view of the natural world as you hike along the mount Elgon, a dormant volcano in Eastern Uganda, discovering caves, peaks, calderas and hot springs.

7 Days Uganda Safari

This 7 Days Safari takes you to the three most popular destinations in Uganda; Kibale Forest National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

Rwenzori Mountains

9 Days Rwenzori Trekking Safari

This 9 Days trek takes you through fantastic landscapes, climbing all the way to the summit of Mount Magherita. The Rwenzori Mountains is one of the highest in Africa and it is a permanent snow capped mountain along the Equator.