Booking Mountain Gorilla Tracking Permits in Uganda
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Mountain gorilla tracking is an extremely challenging but rewarding experience for our travellers. But what is necessary to come and see the gentle giants, one of the main reasons to come and visit Uganda?

Whether you are first time safari goers or in the Pearl of Africa for the next trip to East Africa, mountain gorilla tracking is always a highlight of a wildlife safari with Safaris Uganda. The close social bonds that exist between gorilla family members enable the apes to live in harmony with nature. You will learn more from your guide as you witness the silverback taking the lead and displaying his authority in his group, feeding habits of the entire family, and the general interaction within the rain forest.

Among Uganda’s 10 world class natural rain forests, mountain gorilla tracking is done in only two. Namely, Mgahinga gorilla national park and Bwindi Impenetrable national park allow for a visit to the mountain gorillas. The verdant swathe of Bwindi itself habits more than half of the worlds critically endangered mountain gorilla while the rest living in Volcanoes national park of Rwanda, Virunga national park of D.R.Congo and Mgahinga Gorilla national park.

To go mountain gorilla tracking, you need a valid tracking permit which is paid for in advance per person from Uganda Wildlife Authority and is valid for one day with effect from the stipulated tracking dates. This meets all your park entrances fees, guiding fees, one hour with mountain gorillas in the forest, government taxes and local communities adjacent conservation areas support fees.

You can either book your permit at Uganda Wildlife Authority directly or through a locally registered tour operator. The direct booking process to Uganda Wildlife Authority becomes challenging.This can either be due to congestion in the market mostly in the peak seasons or the slow connections in the network more especially when you lack the local knowledge in contacting their reservation desks at the country headquarters in Kampala.

As Instinct safaris, we mind all about such as part of our service. While putting forward safari itineraries to our highly valued potential travellers at a time, an enthusiastic member of staff will be available at our main customer service centre in Switzerland, the central reservation headquarters in Kampala-Uganda or south western gate in Rubuguri, Bwindi south, providing you with all the supportive information as well as easy access to Volcanoes Park Rwanda and D.R Congo’s Virunga during your safari. Each mountain gorilla permits costs 800$ in Uganda except for clients visiting Uganda in the months of April, May and November where Uganda Wildlife Authority provides promotional discounted tracking permits on notice at US$500. This gives clients an opportunity to save up to US$300.

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