Are planning your safari in Uganda but you do not know when to travel? When it comes to safaris in Africa and Uganda in particular, most arguments have been raised, mostly when is the best time to visit Uganda or which is the best month of the year that I should visit Uganda for safari? Uganda is strategically situated within the Equator, making its climatic conditions ideal safari destination throughout the year. Temperatures in Uganda range from 24 to 29 degrees Celsius. In terms of rainfall, this country experiences rainfall twice a year, mostly from March to May (short rains) and long rains from October to November. When it comes to African safaris in Uganda, most tourists prefer traveling from June to September and then from December to February and these months feature as the best months of year for visitors to come into the pearl of Africa for their gorilla and wildlife safaris. However, December is the busiest month of the year for all Uganda protected areas as well as accommodation facilities. During those months, Uganda experiences the dry season and it is also time when it is a high season in the country, meaning there are many visitors flocking into the destination. For visitors who are interested in mountain gorilla trekking are encouraged to book their permits in advance to avoid disappointment. For safaris in Uganda, September and February are very ideal as there are few people visiting the destination and the lodges are also not overcrowded and yet excellent to view wildlife species.

The wet season of the year is unpredictable as the sun can still rise during the rainy season and during the dry seasons, it can still rain meaning the visitor needs to be well prepared for his or her safari. However, the wet season doesn’t mean that tourists stop coming to view wildlife species in the parks. Tourists still come for wildlife viewing and other adventures, what is important is that you have to a safari car mostly a 4 wheel safari vehicle to help you transverse through the muddy and remotest roads where Uganda’s protected areas are located for your exciting game drives, primate adventures and many more. For those who travel during this season, they stand to benefit from the discounted permits especially for mountain gorilla trekking at $450 for the month of April, May and November.

If you are interested in game drives in Uganda, the best time to go on safari is the dry season which falls in the months of June, July, August and December, January and February. This also includes primate adventures. During this period, beside enjoying game drives, gorilla trekking is also perfectly conducted as the ground is kept drier, making it easier for the visitors to hike through the steep slopes and the terrains of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. However, this doesn’t mean that there is no gorilla trekking during the wet season, some tourists also visit Uganda for this lifetime experience and equally benefit like those traveling during the dry season.

Whereas there are spectacular views during the dry season, the wet season also come in unique style where you will be able to encounter most of the newly born wildlife species in the wild and also enjoy the most stunning sceneries of the park especially the greener savanna protected areas. Given the nature of roads that lead to the major protected areas in Africa, Uganda inclusive, the routes tend to be muddy and cars find it challenging to transverse but there has been change and upgrade in most of Uganda’s conservation areas where tourism is conducted.

In summary; Uganda’s protected areas are best visited for wildlife safaris from June to August and from December to February.

The peak season: This starts from June to September, where as it is rarely overcrowded, you need to book gorilla trekking permits in advance at least four months before the actual gorilla trek.

The Low season: This is mainly in the months of March, April, May, October and November. The advantage with this season, even some lodges and campsites can cut down the prices of their accommodation.

The best weather in Uganda is from June to July and January to February. These months come with low rainfall amount.

The worst weather: March, April and May.

In conclusion, the best time to go on safari in Uganda differs from one traveler to another. If you are planning your safari to Uganda, it is important that you travel at a time you are most comfortable with or convenient to you. Uganda is an all year round safari destination but it best visited during the dry season especially from June to September and December to February.