Semliki is a very dense forest and part of the great Ituri Forest that stretches in the the DR. Congo. It is the only park in Uganda composed primarily of tropical lowland forest. The land is quite flat, creating a startling contrast to the rugged Ruwenzori mountains nearby. SunsetSempaya Hot Springs is a mosaic of different micro habits which provide for a wide diversity of wildlife. The Semliki River is a favoured watering point for many animals resident in the park. There are a number of natural hot springs in the area, which attracts large numbers of wetland birds, and supply salt for other animals. Some of the animals present include elephant, buffalo, leopard, civet, scaly tailed flying squirrel, and bush baby. There are 8 species of primates roughly 400 species of bird, and almost 300 species of butterflies.

To reach the park, it takes 2 hours from Fort Portal, on the Fort Portal-Bundibugyo Road. It is accessible by public transport from Fort Portal. The hot Springs are located at Sempaya, and the headquarters are closer to Bundibugyo at Ntandi.

Accommodation is available in Fort Portal and Bundibugyo. Upmarket lodge facilities in the adjacent Semliki Game Reserve include the Semliki Safari Lodge.