Kidepo Valley Nominated as Africa’s Leading National Park
Kidepo Wilderness

With its ten national parks, Uganda is gifted by nature and really has a lot of individual attractions in each of the protected areas. Managed by the Uganda Wildlife Authority, national parks offer safaris in traditional savannah settings as well as dense rain forests, boat rides, mountain climbing at Mt. Elgon and the Rwenzoris as well as the Virungas.

Uganda is unrivalled in the field of bird watching and more than 1000 different species have been located within Uganda. Furthermore, Uganda is home to the majority of the endangered mountain gorillas and chimpanzees as well as 11 other primate species.

The Kidepo Valley National park, remotely situated in the country’s north east, has been nominated as Africa’s Leading National Park 2013 by the World travel awards. This nomination is a great honour for UWA as well as us as a tour operator working in that region. Now it is us as Instinct Safaris to continue and increase our positive involvement with local communities in the region. Supporting schools with much needed equipment and offering vocational training as in Bwindi under the Kora Project is our goal.

Kidepo Valley National park is situated in Kaabong District. The park can be reached from Kampala after approximately 520 kilometres. Therefore, it is convenient to stop by at Mt. Elgon and the Sipi Falls on the way to Kidepo. The northern boundary of the park runs along the border with South Sudan and abuts against the Kidepo Game Reserve.

The park consists of the two major valley systems of both the Kidepo and Narus Rivers.
Kanangarok is a tepid hot spring in the extreme north of the Park which can also be visited. This spring is the most permanent source of water in the park.

These two valleys vary in their vegetation and fauna because of different levels of rainfall. The Narus Valley and Kidepo Valley are home to 86 mammal species including lion, cheetah, leopard, bat-eared fox, and giraffes. Roughly 500 bird species can be found. Breathtaking scenery with endemic flora guarantees an unforgettable safari experience.

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