Having a full hour of interaction with one of nature’s great species and one of closest relatives to man about 97% exhibited is an experience second to none on this planet.
Mountain gorillas are 11th of  the most an endangered species in the world and it is said that there are only about 700 left in the wild jungles of the national parks bordering, Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Crossing the border of mountains between Rwanda and Uganda leads you into an exclusively different world, and one that is exceptionally defined by many, with the stunning memory of news reports and stories of the tragedy of the 1994 genocide. Travelers do not look forward to finding potted, tarred roads, new buildings and other facilities that are not found in the seemingly more developed and relatively untroubled Uganda to the north of Rwanda.

Different to the military frontage that are established along the border are the friendly trackers who meet at the visitor’s centre in the Park National des Volcanoes. The marvelous national park has got three ancient volcanoes whose forms dominate the entire Rwenzori horizon. The trackers are local guides who have been working with the gorillas for many years and are customary as part of their family.

Tracking starts through the natural forest which has abundant crops that are worked by the natural forest lines of pure jungle with no people, no paths and no handrails.

While tracking the guide creates the path with a machete as the group continues while the guide communicates with the trackers who join the gorillas at 5am. After 45 minutes of great work, and avoiding stinging nettle, there is a greater experience of seeing the gorilla wandering for food.