The weather and climate in Uganda is just perfect for your safari since its pleasant and Temperate. The best time of the year to track the mountain gorillas is during the dry season’s months.  The elevation of the country since its situated just next to Lake Victoria, which is the largest Lake in Africa all contribute to the best weather. It’s just warm and rarely too hot which means that the temperatures don’t change but just constant all year around.

Uganda as a country is the gift of safari weather year round, there are two seasons, and one is its location on the equator and the other one is its elevation. These two give the country the gift of near perfect weather and for the tourists coming on Holiday or the wildlife safari or a cultural tour to Uganda get the added gift of the weather.

During the two rainy seasons , and please don’t allow the word rainy season fool you  since in Uganda, the sun is out most of the time and the rain occurs at night and during the early morning hours along with the thunderstorm and when it rains, the sun’s rays dry up the earth once again.

About the sun rise and sun set; this varies by a few minutes throughout the year. Dawn and sunrise comes at 6:30 am in the morning and in case you are near to the mosque, the first call for prayer will be at 5 in the morning alone with the roosters. .  Sunset is at 7 pm or shortly afterwards, giving 12 1/2 hours of daylight each day.

The rainy seasons of the year in Uganda; these are two in a year, the so called short and long rains. However, in case you are in one of the rain forests or around Lake Victoria, it can rain any time, but again usually at a short notice and duration, it can be heavy but sooner it’s done. The short rains start from April to May of the year and these are escorted by the beautiful thunderstorms. The Long rains are from September to November and once again a thunderstorm followed, it’s usually rains at night or early morning, by10 am when the sun is out. More so, there are some dry regions of the country that receives very small amount of rain fall of about 100mm or less, but the rest of the country receives between 1000 to 2000mm.

Climate and weather in Uganda has made it one of the best year round Holiday destinations. But the best time, the best months of the year would be December to Late February and From June to September. This also includes the best time of doing gorilla tracking since there is a lot of hiking that is involved at times. Tourists are advised to visit during the rainy season since rains here come and stop which means tourist activities are always not disturbed.

The different temperature ranges in different towns of Uganda. Kampala having an elevation of 1,155m and the high temperatures vary by 3 degrees Celsius over the year, the mean daily high is at 27 degrees Celsius and the low temperatures varies 16 to 18 degrees Celsius throughout the year. Entebbe is at 1,145metres and its high temperature varies by 2 degrees Celsius over the year, the mean daily high is at 26 degrees Celsius. The low temperatures varies between 16 and 18 throughout the year. Entebbe is also known to be cooler and more comfortable to live in since it’s along the shores of Lake Victoria and its breeze as well as cooler climate.

Fort portal is at 1,540m and its high temperatures varies between 2 degrees Celsius over the year, the mean daily being 25 degrees Celsius throughout the year. The low varies from 12 to 14 degrees Celsius throughout the year and it’s the western region of the country due to its high elevation than Kampala. Kibale is at an elevation of 1,950m and the high temperature varies at 2 degrees Celsius throughout the year. The low varies at 9 to 11 degrees Celsius throughout the year. The temperatures in Uganda are very pleasant and a holiday like weather in Uganda.

When is the best time to visit Uganda?

This is a question that is frequently asked, Uganda’s climate due to its location on the Equator, the elevation, Lake Victoria and the impact on the weather patterns. This has made Uganda a whole year travel destination, the temperatures vary between 24 to 28 degrees Celsius and are cooler at night.

The best months to visit Uganda are May to September and December to February. There are some problems for those times. December most especially the last week, seems to be the busiest week of the year in the park and the lodging must be booked in advance since it’s when the well to do Ugandans tend to take holidays to the National parks as well as other destinations.

When you want to visit in off season, this means a visit without crowds.  February and September are good months for a safari to Uganda, less people visiting, less crowds at the lodges but still great months. The rainy seasons in        Uganda are a reality since rain comes and goes even during the rainy. This type of information will help in planning your holiday vacation to Uganda. It’s advisable to inquire to any tour operator in Uganda before deciding to travel to the pearl of Africa.